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My Approach

My practice is integrative, meaning that it blends aspects of different methodologies to meet the needs of my clients. The foundation of my practice centres around person-centred therapy, and can also include elements of psychodynamic, Gestalt, and anti-oppressive approaches. I work with a relational and trauma-informed approach.

Here is more information on some of the aspects of my work. If you have any questions, or would like to know more about any of this, please do get in contact.

A person-centred approach means that I believe that each of us has the capacity to grow given the right conditions. Therefore I work with you to co-create a space which facilitates the conditions you need to grow and develop, and where you can explore your feelings without judgement.

I draw upon other theories in my work, including psychodynamic theory, which explores your past to help better understand your present; Gestalt, which focuses on the present, and looks at building awareness of what’s happening for you in the moment; Anti-oppressive work brings in wider social contexts and issues, how they might impact on you, and provides space for you to explore this.

Working relationally means I see the counselling alliance between therapist and client as equal and balanced, and one where we are both communicating, building trust and learning from each other; And a trauma-informed approach helps in both developing my understanding of your trauma, and in working collaboratively with you to build reflection and awareness, and to develop tools to help support you.

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First Session

Choosing a counsellor can feel like a big decision. I believe it’s really important for you to find someone that you feel comfortable with, and so I offer a free, initial meeting to help with this.


This is a 20-minute phone or video call, where we can have a bit of an introduction to each other, with no obligation for you to commit.


I also offer the first, full counselling session at half price as a way to support you in making your decision.

Click here if you would like to book a free initial call.

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